Frequently Asked Questions


What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a very efficient and effective way to get into the best shape. Our workouts consist of constantly varied, functional movement (like pushups and pullups, deadlifts and squats, gymnastics, kettlebells, running, rowing and olympic lifting), performed at a high intensity in a group setting. Basically, a fun, safe, friendly, yet high-intensity group class, with weights. All while being coached and motivated by one of our highly trained coaches.

Where is BTB Fitness at?

We have two BTB locations.

Our flagship location and the second CrossFit Affiliate in Atlanta BTB Ponce is located at 696-A Cleburne Terrace, Atlanta GA 30306. We’re right next to the Majestic diner on East Ponce De Leon one of city’s oldest diners.  Check out our Poncey Highlands Location »

Our second location BTB Buckhead is in the heart of Buckhead. Located at 3209 Maple Dr. Atlanta, GA 30305 is directly below McKinnons Louisiana Restaurant on Maple Dr. and directly right off of Peachtree. Check out our Buckhead Location »

Do I need experience or some level of fitness to join?

CrossFit is for everyone, regardless of your age or fitness level. Everything we do can be modified by weight, reps and time based on your fitness level.  Our members range from your average stay at home mom and active duty military to a grandmother in her seventies. Oh and lets not forget about all our desk jockeys. In short, if you care about your health, real-world performance or just want to look better naked. Then yes, CrossFit is for you.

What if I’m really out of shape and kind of terrified?

We promise you’ll be ok. Trust us. We’ve had tons of people come into the doors of BTB who were bigger, weaker, older, and less coordinated than you, and they were totally fine. And, more importantly, most of them joined the gym and our now in the best shape of their lives. Now lets get you in to learn more about BTB and CrossFit.

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I have/had an injury. Can I still do CrossFit?

While we are not physicians (we highly recommend you chat with yours to discuss any workout program prior to starting), we have found that many of our members have successfully used CrossFit to help rehabilitate from injuries, we believe the best route to long-term health is to learn perfect form on functional movements, and slowly build strength in those movements, rather than to avoid them altogether. Our coaches will always help you to scale, modify or substitute exercises and adjust workouts to your abilities.

What happens in a Free Intro Class?

Our intro class is designed for you to come in and see our gym, meet one of my coaches, and learn a little bit about CrossFit and BTB.  You’ll then learn a couple simple, functional movements, which you’ll piece together into a real CrossFit workout, to give you a taste of CrossFit. A little taste! You are welcome to attend as many of the free class as you’d like, but most people realize after their first class they could be in far better shape, much faster, by doing CrossFit, and quickly join.

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I have not done CrossFit, but I’m really fit and would like to skip the Dynamics program and sign up to start taking classes. Can I do that?

No. We require everyone new to CrossFit to take our Dynamics class, so that we can make sure all of our members have the basis of the safe and effective movements we do in CrossFit. This also makes the regular classes better for everyone, to include the coaches. Everyone from brand new to been here since the doors open will be re-taught all these movements in class prior to starting. Attending the dynamics class helps the coaches during class.

I’m moving/relocating to Atlanta, but I’ve been CrossFitting for a while elsewhere. Can I try out a WOD class?

If you’ve done a on-ramp, fundamentals, or elements program at another CrossFit gym, or have at least 3-6 months experience training at CrossFit Affiliate, you’d likely be good to go jumping into WOD classes. Email us first to discuss.

What do I need to bring to class?

Just yourself. Oh and “workout clothes” and shoes. We provide everything else.

Do I have to become a member to do personal training?

No. Our personal training program is available for members and non-members and is designed based on your needs and goals.

Do you take credit cards, cash, and personal checks?

We only accept major credit cards – MC, Visa, Amex and Discover

Can I have a receipt or membership invoice?

Yes you can.  You can print these out directly from your membership account.  Or we can help you do it.  We can also provide attendance information, and other data often required by your health insurance plans that subsidized gym membership costs.

Do you have showers?

Yes.  Both BTB Ponce and Buckhead gyms have a showers.  Please note these are not locker rooms.  Each location is equipped with two bathrooms.  Each bathroom has a shower, toilet, and a sink. We never have a line of folks trying to shower but please be respectful of anyone waiting to shower.  We all have to get to work so be courteous of others.