The BTB KettleBell Conditioning Class is a fun yet challenging alternative approach to the general CrossFit workout, utilizing varied movements centered around the use of Kettlebells. Using our team’s combined knowledge of various protocols and methods, this class is designed as a total body workout. The kettlebell is known for its ability to Increase strength, cardiovascular conditioning and lean body mass. The nature of kettlebell training combined with the group atmosphere at BTB will produce an exciting class.

As a BTB member, you get to enjoy the class as a part of your regular membership. It is not required that you are a BTB member to attend. Nor, do you have to have any previous CrossFit experience. You’ll be able to pick up anything you need to know as you attend the class. If you are not a BTB member, in order to attend the class, you’ll need to email info@btbfitness.com so we can get you set up with a membership or access pass.