Member FAQs

BTB Fitness: Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for being a member of BTB Fitness! We love seeing your face at the box, and hope that you love it here as much as we do. We have compiled this list of FAQ to help clarify some of the policies and procedures around the box. If you have any additional questions, just hail a coach and ask away. See you at the box!

First, a few “Did You Know?”

  • Did you know we keep a blog that gets updated every night EXACTLY at 6:30PM with the next day’s WOD, Check it out here.  Lots of great info lives there, including info on upcoming events, clinics etc.
  • That we have a MEMBERS only section on our main menu bar. Here you can click on the individual pages to get great info, sign up for clinics,
    check out upcoming events and important gym info. We’ve also added an articles and media page. Here you can check out any CrossFit movement
    videos and articles that we feel are important.
  • Did you know that you can load a QR Scan-In Code to your iPhone or other phones for easy sign into class. Every member has been assigned at scan code. All you need to do is sign into your Front Desk account from your phone (i.e. the Interweb) and under your account on the right hand side under “client info” you’ll see “Scan-In Code”. Click on this and open it up. It will give you the option to store it in your “passport” or to your phone. Once you have this on your phone you can now use it to scan into class each day.
  • Did you know we offer “Free” Open Gym classes each week. Ponce – Tues and Thur 8:30-9pm & Sun 10-12. Buckhead 11-12.
  • Did you know we host a Free Intro Class each week on Saturdays at 11:30 am (Ponce) and 11am (Buckhead). This is a good time for you to bring in a friend or family member to try us out.

General FAQs

Member - General

Can I show up late to class?

Yes, but we are not big fans of lateness. Less than 5 minutes late: no penalty. Just please check in with the coach prior to just jumping in. Don’t assume you can just jump in. Please be respectful of the coach and class.

If you are 5-9 minutes late: 30-burpee penalty. If you are 10+ minutes late: 60-burpee penalty OR, at coach’s discretion, you may be asked to join a later class. If the workout has already started, you should plan to take the next class. We plan our classes carefully with a warm up, movement drill, and WOD that are designed to help you excel. If you miss the warm up and/or the movement drill, you may not be able to do the WOD safely. Also, it’s rude to the rest of the class to have to wait for the coach to re-explain the WOD for the late arrival(s). Please try to be on time.

Cool. I showed up early, or I want to hang around after class. Can I do stuff?

You are welcome to work on skills ~15 minutes before or after a class, assuming it does not interfere with anything else happening in the box at that time—just check in with whoever is coaching to make sure. However, we do not permit athletes to do their own WODs during classes, ride the sexy new Airdynes, row, etc…save that sort of fun stuff for Open Gyms. You are always welcome to watch the existing class to set your strategy for the WOD.

Please note: if you are in the box working on skills or catching up with friends while another class is in session, please keep conversation to a minimum or move it into the lobby. We love how CrossFit KOP is a community in addition to being a gym, but all that chatter can be really distracting to a class during movement instruction, warm up, etc. This is especially true when we have kids in the gym, as they are super-easily distracted and they will want to try every cool thing you are doing.

Can I do my own workout?

Sorry, but we do not allow members to work out on their own outside of class or Open Gym hours.

If you need to stretch out/ mobilize before/after class, you’re welcome to do so just please be respectful of the current class going on.

How do I get signed up for Beyond the Whiteboard?

To easy send us over an email letting us know and will send you out an invite to BTWB. This is free to all active paying members.

What about Nutrition?

Without proper nutrition your body will not be able to withstand the workouts or activities of daily living. Regardless of your fitness goals, increased strength, weight-loss, nutrition is the driving force behind these ambitions. Establishing proper eating patterns will not only fuel your body for the workouts, but aid in energizing in throughout your day. Failing to get your nutritional intake in check will result in slowed progress with any program. The basic concept behind eating the right things in the right portions is simple: Eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruits, minimal amounts of starch and NO sugar.

For more info check out: or

Be on the look out for our 2-3 45 day nutrition challenges each year. If you need more one on one help with nutrition let us know we offer this option too.

I’m not feeling that comfortable with the Olympic Lifts?

No worries. We offer a free Oly clinic each month for beginners. Our in house Olympic lifitng coach, Coach Ndiya will take you through the progressions of both lifts with just a PVC pipe. NO Weights! After 2 ish hours with her you’ll feel a lot better with theses lifts and a better understanding of how they work.

I have a friend who wants to check out CrossFit…can I just bring them to a regular class? They’ve never done CrossFit before.

Definitely bring them along; friends are always welcome! However…if they’ve never done CrossFit before, it might be best for them if they just watched for their first WOD, and then took an Intro Class (every Monday at 630) + Fundamentals before jumping in. While we can scale any WOD to any fitness level, remember how you felt after your first baseline? Also, some very technical WODs might be just too challenging for a new person to tackle their first time out of the gate. If you have any questions, just ask any coach.

We do offer a few classes a month that are designated Bring a Friend Day. Keep an eye out for these each month.

I have a CrossFitter friend/family and she/he wants to come play at BTB. Cool?

Totally! Just bring them with you and arrive a little early to sign the waiver. Drop in fees is free to all family/friends, we just encourage them to purchase a t-shirt from us.

Those showers sure are nice…how long can I hang out after class and clean up for work/my hot date/the dance floor?

We ask that you be respectful of the coach’s time after class. We also have work/school/life obligations. If there is no other class coming in, we ask that you finish up with your post- WOD cleanup within 15 minutes of class ending. If there is another class after yours, then you have until 15 minutes after THAT class ends to get presentable.

Ooops! Something happened and I dropped a barbell from overhead. Am I in trouble?

There may be times when you just can’t hold onto the barbell or kettlebell, or you missed the catch on a snatch, experience sudden injury, etc. Most important: please be aware of your environment at all times and stay alert, especially when it’s crowded, as to who is around you and how close they are. In emergency cases, keep yourself and other members safe…if you cannot prevent the barbell from bailing then at least shout for people to get out of the way.

However, let’s say that you finished your set with no problem and you are moving to the next movement. In that case, we take a very dim view of randomly bailing the bar or kettlebell, especially if you only have the smaller bumpers (10, 15#) or (god help you) metal plates on the bar. Burpee penalty may be assessed accordingly for “phantom barbell” activity. Bars dropped from below the waist may be excused, particularly on heavy deadlift day, but if powerlifters can place 900+ back onto the ground, you probably can too.

PLEASE NEVER DROP AN EMPTY BARBELL! This will damage the barbell

Ouch. I really, really hurt myself. Now what?

Oh man, that is a bummer. On the plus side, all of our coaches are certified in CPR/First Aid, and hopefully you didn’t have to find that out the hard way. If you are hurt, STOP and get a coach immediately; they can help you assess next steps.

Can I leave stuff at the box?

Sorry, no. We are not responsible for anything you leave behind in the box. And, while we are on the subject, the coaches are not your maid staff. Before you leave the box, please clean up after yourself, your friends who came to watch, or your kids. If you left your DNA on the barbell or the pull up bar, please use the disinfectant to clean it up. If you left a chalk mess on the floor, please clean that up. If you load a barbell or use equipment, it’s also on you to unload that barbell and replace all equipment back where it belongs. If you drank water, please take the bottle with you or throw it away—it drives all of our coaches crazy to throw away water bottles with one sip out of them. If you kick over the chalk bucket, break up the entire bar of chalk, or bring chalk with you to your work area and it makes a mess it’s a 1000-burpee penalty (this is not a joke). Finally, please take your clothing, water bottles, chalk, tape, special magic jump rope, shoes, and underwear (yes, we have found underwear on the floor) with you when you depart.

Special note to members with kids: Unfortunately we do not have daycare at this time. While we understand that there are times when you need to bring the small people to the box while you pick up heavy sh*t, we cannot be responsible for the safety of your children while you do. The box can be, at best, an unpredictable place. Weights get bailed, jump ropes are swinging, people can miss box jumps and fall…a million things can happen, and kids do not anticipate sudden movements the way other members may. Also, if you have brought kids with you, please clean up after them.

Membership/Billing FAQs

Member - Billing

What’s the story with “AutoPay”?

When you sign up for a 12 month AutoPay agreement, BTB Fitness will automatically bill you each month, on the same day, for your membership with us. If you wish to cancel this program, it requires 60 day written notice.

If you purchased a month to month membership your membership will auto renew each month at that price. If you choose not to continue will need a written notice 5 days prior to your auto draft day.

How do I place my account on hold?

Email us at with your request to place your account on hold. There’s a minimum of 30 days to place your account on hold and a $25 hold fee in lieu of your full membership fees.

I need to cancel my membership?

Per your membership agreement a 60 day written notice is required to cancel your membership. Please email to request your account be canceled.

When I joined, 2x a week seemed like plenty, but now I can’t get enough! Can I upgrade to another package?

Absolutely! Just email, or ask Jen or Aimee to upgrade you to whichever package you want, and we’ll handle it for you. The only difference you will pay is the price difference between the packages…there is no transaction fee for this change. Note that it’s best to make this change on your renewal date, since we cannot offer prorated months.

Actually…I need to change my membership from unlimited to 2x a week due to changes in my work schedule/my new baby/etc etc. Is that cool?

Yup! It’s the same process per above, except your membership will now cost you less than before. Again, best to make this change on your renewal date if possible.

What if I have a 2x or 3x/week membership, but I was only able to make it to 1 class this week…do the extra classes “roll forward”?

We have a “use it or lose it” policy with all our memberships, agreements, and class passes. Unfortunately, nothing rolls over to the next week or month.

Example: If you only make one class this week on your 3x, you will still the remaining of your total 12 classes to use before your next billing cycle.

When does my membership start?

Membership initiates the day you purchase it, unless otherwise approved by the Owner.

Do I receive a referral bonus for getting someone to sign up with BTB?

Yes if you get a friend or family member to sign up you’ll receive $50 off your next month auto draft. If it’s a family member let us know so we can adjust your price to reflect the family discount.

Do you offer military, law enforcement, or firefighter discounts?

Yes! We are grateful to the men and women who have served our country and/or guard our safety, and we offer a 25% discount for anyone who is currently serving on active duty orders or is currently serving, or who works as LEO, firefighter and EMS. We also offer a 15% discount to all men and women who previously served our country. In order to receive these discounts will need to see documentation that your active duty military etc. Previous service men and women will need to show a DD-214 to receive the 15% discount.