Cool. I showed up early, or I want to hang around after class. Can I do stuff?

You are welcome to work on skills ~15 minutes before or after a class, assuming it does not interfere with anything else happening in the box at that time—just check in with whoever is coaching to make sure. However, we do not permit athletes to do their own WODs during classes, ride the sexy new Airdynes, row, etc…save that sort of fun stuff for Open Gyms. You are always welcome to watch the existing class to set your strategy for the WOD.

Please note: if you are in the box working on skills or catching up with friends while another class is in session, please keep conversation to a minimum or move it into the lobby. We love how CrossFit KOP is a community in addition to being a gym, but all that chatter can be really distracting to a class during movement instruction, warm up, etc. This is especially true when we have kids in the gym, as they are super-easily distracted and they will want to try every cool thing you are doing.

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