Can I show up late to class?

Yes, but we are not big fans of lateness. Less than 5 minutes late: no penalty. Just please check in with the coach prior to just jumping in. Don’t assume you can just jump in. Please be respectful of the coach and class.

If you are 5-9 minutes late: 30-burpee penalty. If you are 10+ minutes late: 60-burpee penalty OR, at coach’s discretion, you may be asked to join a later class. If the workout has already started, you should plan to take the next class. We plan our classes carefully with a warm up, movement drill, and WOD that are designed to help you excel. If you miss the warm up and/or the movement drill, you may not be able to do the WOD safely. Also, it’s rude to the rest of the class to have to wait for the coach to re-explain the WOD for the late arrival(s). Please try to be on time.

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