Can I leave stuff at the box?

Sorry, no. We are not responsible for anything you leave behind in the box. And, while we are on the subject, the coaches are not your maid staff. Before you leave the box, please clean up after yourself, your friends who came to watch, or your kids. If you left your DNA on the barbell or the pull up bar, please use the disinfectant to clean it up. If you left a chalk mess on the floor, please clean that up. If you load a barbell or use equipment, it’s also on you to unload that barbell and replace all equipment back where it belongs. If you drank water, please take the bottle with you or throw it away—it drives all of our coaches crazy to throw away water bottles with one sip out of them. If you kick over the chalk bucket, break up the entire bar of chalk, or bring chalk with you to your work area and it makes a mess it’s a 1000-burpee penalty (this is not a joke). Finally, please take your clothing, water bottles, chalk, tape, special magic jump rope, shoes, and underwear (yes, we have found underwear on the floor) with you when you depart.

Special note to members with kids: Unfortunately we do not have daycare at this time. While we understand that there are times when you need to bring the small people to the box while you pick up heavy sh*t, we cannot be responsible for the safety of your children while you do. The box can be, at best, an unpredictable place. Weights get bailed, jump ropes are swinging, people can miss box jumps and fall…a million things can happen, and kids do not anticipate sudden movements the way other members may. Also, if you have brought kids with you, please clean up after them.

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