Workout of the Day

Saturday, July 27th 2019

Army Captain Andrew M. Pedersen-Keel

5 Rounds for Time
10 Back Squats (225/155 lbs)
10 Deadlifts (275/185 lbs)
400 meter Sprint
2 minutes Rest

U.S. Army Capt. Andrew Pedersen-Keel, of South Miami, Florida, died March 11, 2013. The 28-year-old was assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne), in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Pedersen-Keel was fatally injured in Jalrez District, Afghanistan, from small-arms fire from an Afghan security-forces member. He is survived by his mother and stepfather, Helen Pedersen Keiser and Bob Keiser; father, Henry Keel; sister, Mary Elizabeth Keel; and fiancèe, Celeste Pizza.

This “PK” Hero WOD was originally posted on the CrossFit Main Site as the workout of the day for Friday, July 3, 2015 (150703).

Friday, July 26th 2019


AMRAP 6 minutes
1 Rope Climb
6 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
18/12 Calorie Bike

Rest 4 Minutes

AMRAP 6 minutes
1 Rope Climb
6 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)
18/12 Calorie Bike

Rest 4 Minutes

AMRAP 6 minutes
1 Rope Climb
6 Hang Power Cleans (75/55)
18/12 Calorie Bike

Monday, July 22nd


 15 minutes to Build to a Heavy single or true 1RM

AMRAP 14 minutes
 15 Thrusters
 100m Farmers Carry
 15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
 100m Farmers Carry

 Rx: 95/65, 53/35’s
 Fit: 75/55, 35/25’s, Pull-Ups
 Dyn: 45/35, 25/20’2, Ring Rows

Saturday, July 20th 2019

Navy Seal Lt. Michael McGreevy

3 Rounds For Time
800 meter Run
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-Ups

“Michael” was CrossFit’s second hero WOD (after “JT”) in honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael McGreevy, 30, of Portville, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan on June 28 2005 in support of Operation Red Wings.
The workout was first posted on as the workout of the day for July 15, 2005. The post said: “With heavy hearts we offer our prayers and condolences to his wife, Laura, and 14-month-old daughter, Molly. The price of freedom, and its worth, is found in Michael’s passing. The debt owed to Michael and his family can never be repaid but only honored by remembering Michael and remaining free.”

Friday, July 19th 2019

Mike D

 *build to a heavy, working on cycling

3 Rounds For Time
 500m Row
 7 Hang Power Snatch
 5 Muscle Ups (bar or ring)

 Rx: 135/95
 Fit: 95/65, 7 Pull-Ups + 7 Dips
 Dyn: 45/35, 7 Ring Rows + 7 Push-Ups

Thursday, July 18th 2019

Coach Hayden

AMRAP in 10 min
10 Russian KBS (53/35)
10 Air Squats
150m Run
Rest 2 min

AMRAP in 8 min
10 Lunges (53/35)
10 Burpees
20 Double Unders
Rest 2 min

AMRAP in 6 min
10/7 Cal Bike
10 Goblet Squats (53/35)
10 V-Ups
Rest 2 min

AMRAP in 4 min
400m Run
w/ remaining time Sit-Ups