Workout of the Day

Friday, February 14th 2020

Day 11: 12-8-10-6
*45-60 Sec Rest Between Sets

“VD Gone Bad”
For Time
1000m Run
25 Hang Power Snatches
800m Run
20 Hang Power Snatches
600m Run
15 Hang Power Snatches
400m Run
10 Hang Power Snatches
200m Run
5 Hang Power snatches

Rx: 75/55
Fit: 65/45
Dyn: 45/35

Notes: 30 min Time Cap

Wednesday, February 12th 2020

Coach Hayden

Day 9: 8-12-10-8
*30-45 Sec Rest Between Sets

Bench Press: Week 5 (Deload)
4 Sets of 4 Reps @ 70% 1RM

AMRAP in 9
15 Wall Balls
13/10 Cal Bike
11 Deadlifts
*then immediately into
8 min to find 1 Rep Max Thruster

Rx: 155/105
Fit: 135/95
Dyn: 75/55

Tuesday, February 11th 2020

Coach Josiah

Please welcome Coach Josiah Igidi to the BTB coaching staff. You’ll see him in the morning and noon classes and a couples Saturdays at Ponce.
Heres a little bit about Josiah.

I’m originally from the Crescent City, New Orleans, LA. Georgia State University is my alma mater where I studied business. 

I was introduced to CrossFit in 2010 while I was a personal trainer at LA Fitness. I was amazed by the combination of power and Olympic lifting plus the intensity of the metcons. I watched hours of YouTube videos on anything I could find on CrossFit! Later that year I got my Level 1 certification and went on to become Level 2 certified in 2015. 

My hobbies include eating (I’m a foodie), mountain biking, and attending music festivals. 

Day 8: 6-8-10-2
*45 Sec Rest Between Sets

For Time
3 Rounds
6 Power Cleans
6 Bar Facing Burpees
30 Double Unders

Rest 2 minutes

2 Rounds
9 Power Cleans
9 Bar Facing Burpees
60 Double Unders

Rest 2 minutes

1 Round
12 Power Cleans
12 Bar Facing Burpees
90 Double Unders

Rx: 155/110, 135/95, 95/65
Fit: 115/80, 95/65, 75/55
Dyn: 75/55 HPC, 2:1 Singles

Monday, February 10th 2020


Day 7: 2-2-4-2
*30 Sec Rest Between Sets

Back Squat: Week 5 (Deload)
4 Sets of 4 Reps @ 70% 1RM

5 Rounds for Time
*5 Bar Muscle Up
10 Box Jumps (20/14)
15 cal Row
*BMU Mods: 5 Pull-UPS + 5 Dips

Saturday, February 8th 2020

Coach Jessica

Day 5: 10-8-6-4
*30 Sec Rest Between Sets

AMRAP in 25 min
Teams of 2
3 Wall Balls
3 Power Cleans
3 Cal Bike
6 Wall Balls
6 Power Cleans
6 Cal Bike
9 Wall Balls
9 Power Cleans
9 Cal Bike

Climb By 3’s Each Round
*Athletes Switch After Completing Full Rounds

Rx: 20/14, 135/95
Fit: 20/14, 95/65
Dyn: 10, 55/35

Friday, February 7th 2020

Day 4 : 8-6-4-6
*60 Sec Rest Between Sets

Bench Press: Week 4
5 Sets of 3 reps @ 80% 1RM

1-10, 10-1
Deadlifts (225#/185#)

TTB count up to 10, Deadlifts count down from 10

Thursday, February 6th 2020


Day 3: 4-6-8-6
*60 Sec Rest Between Sets

Ten Rounds using as heavy a DB or KB as possible.

One round consists of the following:
One Arm Power Clean Right
One Arm Front Squat Right
One Arm Push Press Right
One Arm Front Squat Right
One Arm Push Press Right
then switch hands….
One Arm Power Clean Left
One Arm Front Squat Left
One Arm Push Press Left
One Arm Front Squat Left
One Arm Push Press Left

*Do not drop the weight.
*Do not set it down.
*If weight is dropped, count number of drops and perform an equal amount of burpees as a penalty.
Post number of total drops and weight of dumbbell used