Friday, April 3rd 2020

Warm Up
20 Jumping Jacks/Mountain Climbers
20 Pass Throughs/Shoulder Circles
5 Inch Worms
10 Good Mornings
10 Jumps Squats
5 DB Deadlifts (each side)
5 DB Shrugs (each side)
5 DB Hang Cleans (each side)
5 DB Push Press (each side)
5 DB Push Jerks (each side)

Home Workout (w/equip)
“Single DB DT”
5 Rds Per Arm For Time
12 DB Deadlifts
9 DB Hang Cleans
6 DB Shoulder to Overhead
*Complete 5Rds with one arm then 5Rds with other arm

Home Workout (no equip)
“Odd Object Double DT”
10 Rds For Time
12 Deadlifts
9 High Pulls
6 Overhead press