Saturday, March 11th 2016

Ponce Member of the Month Jennie

Ponce Member of the Month

How long have you been at BTB?
What pushed you to come for the first time?

I joined BTB a little over 3 years ago. Alex joined when I was
pregnant with Rowen. It was great, he was leaning out as I got
fatter by the day! I joined 3 months after Rowen was born.

What does a day in the life of Jennie look like outside of being a rockstar CrossFitter?

I work full time as a wine and spirits sales rep for a distributor.
I sell to restaurants and bars in Inman Park/Old Fourth Ward area mostly.
After my 18 month old alarm clock wakes me up in the morning,
I drink all the coffee, then sell all the wine. My schedule is flexible so I’m able to
get to the gym most any day that I want as long as I plan it.
After I adult all day, I come home and Mom it up with
my two lil men and my beloved babies daddy, Alex.

Name a skill (or superpower as some may say) that you have that none of us know about?
I’m a master meal planner. I cook almost everyday for my family and meal prep
every weekend to get ready for the week ahead. If I don’t do this, there would be c
hicken nuggets for dinner every night. Not that the boys wouldn’t like that,
but I want to have healthy meals for everyone so the time I put in is worth it!

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?
Hmm, I really don’t remember. Maybe a vet. I also remember being at a
diner with my grandmother when I was little and thinking I wanted to
be a waitress because I liked their pink striped dresses.
It honestly was probably a Dennys or something like that, really fancy.

Top 3 Favorite Foods. 3-2-1 Go.
A really good burger
Spaghetti meat sauce on anything
Justins Vanilla Almond butter

I see you signed up for 2016 CrossFit Open. What made you sign up?
Harassment from my BTB betties. Actually I think I harassed them too,
so it was mutual. I’m glad I did because I’m learning different skills
that I really need to work on and what it feels like to almost puke after a WOD.

#Family Open 16.2

Open 16.2

Teams of 2:
For 8 min. Complete
1 mile run (switch every 400m)
Remaining time Max Burpees to Plate (45/35)
For 10 min. Complete
1 mile run (switch every 400m)
Remaining time Max Ground to Overhead with Plate (45, 35)
For 12 min. Complete
1 mile run (switch every 400m)
Remaining time Max Overhead Lunge with Plate (45, 35)

*Score is Number of Reps Completed

Comp. Training

Rest Day