Tuesday, March 1st 2016



”The Camp-Pain”


Take 15 min to work up to a heavy single


12 min. EMOM
Odd: 30 Double Unders
Even: 5 Deadlifts @ 80-85% of heavy single

Comp. Train

Power Clean + Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk
“Work up to a heavy set.”

Box Briefing

March Goals
The goal boards have been erased.
You can put up a new goal or continue to
work at your previous month goal.
Let’s fill that board up!

BTB Hoodie Pre-Order
Zip-Up $44 / Pull-Over $40
Email Nick to order.
Pre-Order ends on Wednesday.
For More Details Click Here

Bring a Friend Day
Thursday March 3rd, 17th, & 31st
*all classes