BTB 2016 CrossFit Open “Friday Night Lights”

"2015 Friday Night Lights"

“2015 Friday Night Lights”


BTB’s “Friday Night Lights”
2016 CrossFit Open
Contact: Coach James Black


Back for its second year, BTB’s “Friday Night Lights” will be the community events not to miss for this year’s CrossFit Open season.  Each Friday after the Open WOD announcement, one of our two gyms will host BTB’s FNL event.  We’ll set up the heats, you bring the intensity, and we’ll all knock out the Open WODs as one firebreathing BTB family.
There are two aspects to this year’s
FNL events: the open workouts and our team competition.

Here’s how it all works…

The Open

The first step is to register for the Open.  Go to and click the “Register” link in the upper right of the website.  You may need to create a user account if you don’t already have one.  Registration is only $20, and you can use the info below to sign-up under BTB.

Affiliate: BTB CrossFit

Team: BTB Fitness

NB: DO NOT register under BTB CrossFit Buckhead!

Now that you’ve signed up, you’ll need to enter your scores for each of the weekly workouts by Monday following their announcement.  Entering scores for all five workouts will get you our BTB 2016 CrossFit Open t-shirt for free!

Team Competition

Next is where all the magic happens.  All BTB members who sign up for the Open under the “BTB CrossFit” affiliate and “BTB Fitness” team are eligible to be on teams to compete in our FNL Competition.  Our BTB Coaches will serve as team captains and teams will be comprised of members from both gyms.  These teams will participate throughout the Open to earn points towards their team score (see below for details).  The top three teams at the end of the Open will get gym bragging rights and some other cool stuff (TBD).  Teams can be composed of any combination of gender and division.

Coaches will be primarily responsible for fielding the teams, but if you know some people you definitely want to team up with, grab a coach to be your captain!  I’ll do my best to make sure everyone who wants to be on a team gets on one, but if you have any questions email

Here’s how your team earns points:

+1  For each member that comes out to the “Friday Night Lights” (+1 bonus if everyone shows up). Be sure to sign in!
+1 For each member who completes the weekly Open WOD at “Friday Night Lights”
+1 For each member who enters their score on before the weekly deadline
+1 Make sure all your friends know that you’re participating in the Open!  A Facebook check-in or tag at the gym the night of each “Friday Night Lights” event will get your team a point.  (One post per team is fine. Everyone on your team who is tagged will get points.)
+1 Take a picture of your team, one of the heats, or the general awesomeness occurring and use #BTBFridayNightLights on Instagram to get an additional point

So how do you make sure your team is signed up and good to go?

  1. Sign up for the Open at

Affiliate: BTB CrossFit

Team: BTB Fitness

  1. Get your teams organized, and pick a team name.  You can view everyone who has signed up for the Open under the BTB Fitness team at
  2. Have your team captain fill out the form at to sign your team up.  Make sure you put down your t-shirt sizes because anyone that signs up for the Open and completes and enters all 5 WODs on time will receive a BTB 2016 CrossFit Open t-shirt.
  3. Get pumped for the Open!


2/25 – Open 16.1 workout released
2/26 – “Friday Night Lights” at BTB Buckhead 6:30pm
2/29 – Deadline to Enter 16.1 Score

3/3 – Open 16.2 workout released
3/4 – “Friday Night Lights” at BTB Ponce 6:30pm
3/7 – Deadline to Enter 16.2 Score

3/10 – Open 16.3 workout released
3/11 – “Friday Night Lights” at BTB Buckhead 6:30pm
3/14 – Deadline to Enter 16.3 Score

3/17 – Open 16.4 workout released
3/18 – “Friday Night Lights” at BTB Ponce 6:30pm
3/21 – Deadline to Enter 16.4 Score

3/24 – Open 16.5 workout released
3/25 – “Friday Night Lights” at BTB Buckhead 6:30pm
3/28 – Deadline to Enter 16.5 Score

Winners will be announced April 1.

Email questions to