Tuesday, February 16th 2016



EMOM x 30
Min 1: 15 Cal Row
Min 2: 15 Burpees
Min 3: Sit-Ups

*Cycle through till you reach 30 minutes.

Comp. Training

C2B Progression
7×8 unbroken, :40 rest

Community Event

Stone Summit Atlanta (indoor rock climbing)
This Sunday, Feb 21st – Time: 11 am
$18 adults, $15 kids (all day pass)
For more info Click Here

Box Brief

Bring A Friend Day – This Thursday
Feb 18th – All classes
Friend signs up, you’ll receive $75 off next month

2016 CrossFit Open
Register Today
– Sign up under Affiliate: BTB CrossFit
The open starts next week.
We will kick things off on Friday Night
at 6:30p at the Buckhead gym.