Saturday – October 24th 2015

Teams of 3 (one working, two resting)
9x200m Run
150 Push Press, (95/65#)
150 SDHP, (95/65#)
150 Push Press, (95/65#)
9x200m Run

*Must complete each exercise before moving to the next. One team member must be holding a single 70/53lb KB the entire duration.  If it hits the ground, whole team does 10 burpees, so pass it off carefully!

Box Brief!
Beginners Olympic Lifting Clinic – Sun Oct 25th – Ponce 1-3:30 pm
Ladies Only Pull-Up and HSPU Clinic – Sun Nov 8th – Ponce1-2:30 pm

If you have pictures of your fantastic athletic achievements (both at the gym and elsewhere) be sure to send them to so we can give you some kudos!