Wednesday – October 21st 2015

Great Scott!   I forgot to post the winners of the rowing challenge!  If my calculations are correct, the winners get $25 and a spot on the leader board!  Without further ado…
Buckhead                    Ponce
Brian W – 6:56              Micah S – 6:57
Alice S – 8:19                Giselle BC – 8:08

Clean Complex
3 x 5 min. EMOMs
3 Power Cleans
2 Front Squats
1 Jerk
*1 min. between each 5 min EMOM to add more weight.
Take 5 min. before the EMOM to warm up to a starting weight.

3 rounds for time of:
20 wall ball sit-ups
30 Weighted Russian twist
40 Med ball knee tucks

Med ball knee tucks-

Box Brief!
Beginners Olympic Lifting Clinic – Sun Oct 25th – Ponce 1-3:30 pm
Ladies Only Pull-Up and HSPU Clinic – Sun Nov 8th – Ponce1-2:30 pm

If you have pictures of your fantastic athletic achievements (both at the gym and elsewhere) be sure to send them to so we can give you some kudos!