Thursday – October 15th 2015

Well look who it is!  Coach Patrick is straight chillin at CrossFit Sinai.  We miss you bud!

Take 15 minutes to practice/develop kipping pull-up or muscle-up skills (your coaches will help to provide you with numerous drills appropriate for your current skill level)
Try to hit 30 MUs within 15 min.


2K Row!  Top Male and Female Times will win $25 off their next month membership.


BTB Endurance
6:30 PM @ Ponce
5:00 Work, 2:30 Rest, 6:00 Work, 3:00 Rest, 7:00 Work

Box Brief!
* Coach Tim O turns the big 5-0!  Friday we will be having a special Frothy Fifty 50th B-Day WOD for Tim at the5:30pm class at Ponce followed by food and drinks at Tim’s house (approximately a 150m BYOB farmer’s carry)!  Everyone is invited!

* The return of our super popular clinics!
     – Beginners Olympic Lifting Clinic – Sun Oct 25th – Ponce 1-3:30 pm
     – Ladies Only Pull-Up and HSPU Clinic – Sun Nov 8th – Ponce 1-2:30 pm