Monday – October 12th 2015

Check out our WOD for Pride champs!  Maxi and Nikki scored second place with Todd and Spooner rip roaring right behind them in third!! Annnnnnd there’s no way I can appropriately caption those outfits except to say we are  #BTBProud  🙂

95-pound Thruster

Tabata Abs

A word about Fran:
We’ve got some Frantastic athletes at BTB.  Some of you will be gunning for the leaderboard.  Some of you are going for a personal PR.  Here’s some food for thought:  If you’re a good-to-great Rx athlete, you should be shooting for a 4:00 to 6:00 Fran time.  While having a sub 4 minute Fran is Frantastic, we would prefer you scale up on the weight or change to C2B pull-ups.  Why not this opportunity to become even more Frantastic.