Tuesday – August 18th 2015

Coach Nikki and part-time BTBer Kat (AKA Team DatAssDottir) cruised their way to a 4th place finish at Rumble by the River in the Women’s Team Division!  Well done ladies!

6X3/6 FS/BS @ 90% (of 1RM Front Squat) – rest 3-4 min between sets and increase rest each set as needed.
During rest, work on laying Dumbbell External Rotations x 10-12 reps each arm – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbmyh5L4KeQ

Three rounds for time of:
20 Slam balls (AHAP)
20 Toes to Bar


BTB Endurance
6:00 AM @ Ponce
10 x 200m repeats, rest :60

If you have pictures of your fantastic athletic achievements (both at the gym and elsewhere) be sure to send them to kate@btbfitness.com so we can give you some kudos!