Betties (Ladies Only Training)

Our ladies only class is designed specifically for women that incorporates fun, smart fitness while in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. This is a CrossFit class geared specifically for the ladies. No shirtless, sweaty dudes in this class- not that that is a bad thing. This is more of a metabolic conditioning based CrossFit class without much of the complex and heavy lifting barbell movements required in our normal CrossFit program.

Currently this class is being offered at BTB Ponce gym but we’re working on bringing it back to Buckhead very soon.

As a BTB member, you get to enjoy the class as a part of your regular membership. It is not required that you are a BTB member to attend. Nor, do you have to have any previous CrossFit experience. You’ll be able to pick up anything you need to know as you attend the class. If you want to attend the regular scheduled CrossFit classes you’ll need to attend one of our Dynamics classes first.  This class is free and included in any of our monthly membership. Not included in an access pass.

If you are not a BTB member, in order to attend the class, you’ll need to email so we can get you set up with a membership or access pass.