Nick Gecsy

Wednesday, August 17th 2016

Warm Up or Cool Down

Warm Up or Cool Down

“Weightlifting Wednesday”

5 Sets of:
5 Sumo Deadlifts + 10 Ring Dips
– Same weight across all 5 sets of SDL.
– Rest 2 minutes between sets


For Time:
100 Kettlebell Snatches 53/35

Comp Training
2017 Open Prep

5 Front Sqauts for max load
10 HSPU – do as many as possible strict

Box Brief

Tomorrow is Bring A Friend Day
-All Classes-

Tuesday, August 16th 2016



“Lightning Rod”
3 Rounds:
500 Meter Row
400 Meter Run
30 AbMat Sit-Ups
20 Pull-Ups

Comp Training
2017 Open Prep

1. DeadLift
Work up to a heavy double deadlift

2. 4 RFT:
30 Cal Row
1 min rest between rounds

Monday, August 15th 2016

Congratulations Annettte 3rd place women masters Rx at  Rumble by the River

Congratulations Annettte
3rd place Women Masters Rx at
Rumble by the River

“The Chief“
5 rounds of AMRAP 3:
3 Power Cleans (135/95)
6 Pushups
9 Air Squats
Rest 1 Minute between rounds.
Scored: Count only full rounds

Comp Training
2017 Open Prep

1. 3×6 Back Squat

2. Gymnastics Pulling
Complete 5 of the following complexes:
5 strict C2B + 5 bar muscle ups +
5 Kipping C2B Pull ups + 5 Kipping Pull ups

Box Brief

Bring A Friend Day
This Thursday All Class

Sunday, August 14th 2016

Sunday Funday!

Sunday Funday!

Sunday Funday Open Gym
Ponce: 10-12
BH: 11-12

Alternating OTM x 20
Odd Minutes – 15/12 Calorie Row
Even Minutes – 3 Deadlifts + 25 Double-Unders
Start with a light load on the deadlifts and climb steadily.

Saturday, August 13th 2016

Todd & Mark

Todd & Mark

“Sky High”
30 Toes to Bar
400 Meter Run
15 Overhead Squat (115/80)
800 Meter Run
15 Overhead Squat (115/80)
400 Meter Run
30 Toes to Bar

Comp Training
2017 Open Prep

1. Clean and Jerk
EMOMx10: 1 Power Clean + 3 Front Squats + 1 Jerk

2. Gymnastics Conditioning
5 RFT: 15 C2B pull ups, rest as little as possible between sets

Friday, August 12th 2016

Suns Out, Guns Out

Suns Out, Guns Out

It’s FriYay!
So wear your favorite Tank Top

“Fight Gone Bad”

3 rounds for Max Reps:
1:00 Wall Balls (20/14)
1:00 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (75/55)
1:00 Box Jumps (20″)
1:00 Push Presses (75/55)
1:00 Rowing for Calories
1:00 Rest

Score – Total Reps over all 3 rounds

Comp Training
2017 Open Prep

“Fight Gone Bad”

Thursday, August 11th 2016

Jump Around!

Jump Around!

“Grunt Work”
On the Minute x 20:
Minute 1 – 15 Overhead Walking Lunges 35/25
Minute 2 – 100 Meter Run
MInute 3 – 15/12 Calorie Row
Minute 4 – 20 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

Comp Training

Rest Day

Buckhead – Member of the Month

Buckhead Member of the Month Trey Davis

Buckhead Member of the Month
Trey Davis

1.) Trey! You are the BTB Buckhead Member of the Month.
Congratulations! What’s your touchdown dance look like?

I’ll say no touchdown dance, I’ll just hand the ball back to
the ref and act like I’ve been there before.

2.) How long have you been with us at BTB, and tell us
about your first experience or workout?

I have been at BTB for over a year now. I did the dynamics course on a Saturday and
honestly thought CrossFit was all hype. My first WOD on that following
Monday was the Filthy 50. I finished 30 minutes later, sprawled out on
the floor, ego deflated. It was that day that I was hooked.

3.) Tell us a little about yourself. What’s a day in the life?

I am a Financial Controller for a Marketing Agency in Buckhead. Wake up for work,
exhausted by 11:45am at my desk, then leave for the noon WOD. BTB always puts me
in a good mood for the rest of the workday. After work, l come home to my wonderful
fiance and dachshund where we spend most nights grinding Netflix or a
good Cops marathon over a (mostly) healthy dinner.

4.) Tell us something we don’t already know about you!

I have had a hole-in-one. Par 3, 167 yards – I thought it rolled off the back of the green.
It wasn’t until we drove up towards the ball that I realized it had gone in.
Amazing feeling and I still have the ball somewhere around here.

5.) It’s a zombie apocalypse. What are the three things you are taking from your house?

Trusty 12-gauge, protein powder, and lots of coffee beans. If I cant find a
grinder and a coffeemaker, I will eat those beans whole.

6.) What is your best or favorite memory at BTB?

For sure – Friday Night Lights. I loved the competition and
camaraderie that was on display those 5 weeks.

7.) If a new member came into your class, what is one piece of
advice you would give them on their first day?

Make sure you are ready for a grind. If you lift light at first and listen to the
coaches, it will pay off in the long run. And that you will definitely surprise yourself
with how far your body can be pushed if you have the right mindset.

Wednesday, August 10th 2016



“Weightlifting Wednesday”

5×5 Back Squats

Warm Up to your first set,
Increasing load over 5 sets.
The last set should be your heaviest set.


For Time
100 Burpee Pull-Ups
30 Muscle-Ups

Comp Training
2017 Open Prep

2017 Open Prep

Alternating Tabata (8 Rds of :20s/:10s):
Front Squats (115/80)

20 seconds of Front Squats, followed by a 10 second break
Followed by 20 seconds of TTB, with another 10 second break.
Repeat this process for a total of 8 sets.

Poncey – Member of the Month

Poncey Member of the Month Jennifer Emery

Poncey Member of the Month
Jennifer Emery

1.) Congratulations! Jennifer You are *the* Member of the Month.
If we could play a victory song for this announcement, what would you choose??

Outkast-Bombs over Baghdad It is, by far, my favorite kick some a$$ workout song.

2.) You are an OG CrossFit athlete. When did you first start CrossFit,
and tell us what that first class/experience was like.

I had been working out with a personal trainer a few times a week at one of the
big gyms for about three years. My trainer knew a guy who had just opened a CF gym
in Athens and he urged me to try it out. I was excited because I thought I was in pretty
good shape (haha) and would be able to go in for a workout and really do well. I went in,
kinda puffed up, and was told my first workout was Cindy. I could do some pull-ups &
push-ups (mind you, never had I done an actual chest to deck push up,) so I thought this
would be a piece of cake. Well…I got FOUR ROUNDS. Four. I left with my tail between my
legs and a little broken, but I couldn’t wait to do it again. My next wod was Fran;
I am sure you can imagine how that went.

3.) What does a day in the life of Lady Jennifer of House Emery look
like outside of being a rockstar mom and CrossFitter?

Outside of mommyhood and the gym, I work as a Real Estate Appraiser. I have had
my own business since 2005 and moved it to Atlanta when I married Mark. I spend
part of the day looking at houses around Atlanta and part of the day doing computer
work. I get to work from home and hang out with The Goose, our Great Dane, Roxmonster,
our Chihuahua, and be available when the kiddos need me.

4.) Top 3 Favorite Foods. 3-2-1 Go.

Don’t judge me:
1. Tacos (or anything in a flour tortilla)
2. All things potato
3. Macaroni and cheese

5.) What’s one of your favorite memories at BTB?

On way more than one occasion, one of our amazing BTB guys has stepped up and helped
to take care of a fussy Scout so I could continue to do a workout. Those moments are
special and make me so grateful to be a part of our BTB gym family.

6.) Tell us an insider secret about yourself that nobody here knows.
Not even Mark. Make it spicy.

I have a crush on Eric Erickson!!! 🙂

7.) As we all know CrossFit can be very intimidating or scary.
As a strong female CrossFit athlete, what is one piece of advice you would
give to another women that is looking to try CrossFit out?

First and foremost, I feel that CrossFit women are especially friendly to other women.
I personally love to see a new girl come in and watch as she progresses and gets stronger
and more confident. I would remind a new woman that the gym is filled with all types of
people with varying abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Even those who look the strongest
and most intimidating have things that they can improve on and those
are the things that bond all of us together.