Nick Gecsy

BTB is moving to SugarWOD

I’m very excited to announce we are adding an incredibly valuable tool to your workout routine, SugarWOD  ​This will help us further emphasize​ ​a supportive community, measure progress, and continue to celebrate the success of your accomplishments.

SugarWOD is a fun (and FREE) app that makes tracking your progress easy. PLUS it lets our incredible community interact, share successes, and provide a little extra encouragement via fist pumps and comments.

Sign Up today and start logging your results in SugarWOD.  The coaches and I have been using it for about 4 weeks now. Starting today SugarWOD will be our primary program for logging our workouts.  

Here’s what you need to do to get started:

1. Download SugarWOD from the App Store or Google Play

2. Sign Up for an account. Just use your email.

3. Choose BTB CrossFit as your Box (That’s crossfit talk for “gym”), DO NOT Choose BTB CrossFit Buckhead

4. Start logging your workouts! We post them for your every night at 6:30 pm. You will receive a notification each night with the next days workout and any gym announcements. 

Beyond The Whiteboard 
I know for most of you, your wondering what about all my workouts I logged in BTWB.  Don’t worry we will be able to import all your existing Benchmarks, Hero’s, Lifts, and any other named workouts over to SugarWOD.  I will send a second email with instructions on how to Export your workouts.  June will be our last month with BTWB.

Thanks Nick!

Wednesday, June 12th 2019


Memorial Wod for the 49 innocent people who lost their lives at 
Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida on 6/12/2016

Partner WOD (One works, one rests, except for synchronized burpees)

6 Rounds For Time
12 Synchronized Burpees
16 Kettlebell Swings
49 Wall Balls
400m Run

Rx: 53/35, 20/14
Fit: 35/25, 20/14
Dyn: 25/20, 10

Tuesday, June 11th 2019


For Time
 2000m Row
 200 Double Unders
 200m Walking Lunge

Not For Time
 30 Sit-Ups
 1 min each leg Banded Hamstring Stretch
 2 Min Plank Hold
 1 min each leg Foam Roll Hamstrings and Quads
 30 Sit-Ups

Monday, June 10th 2019


Cycle 3, Week 3: Front Squat
 *Based off 90% of your 1 RM + 20 lbs
 Warm Up: 5 @ 40%, 5 @ 50%, 3 @ 60%
 Working Sets: 5 @ 75%, 3 @ 85%, 1+ @ 95%

5 Rounds for Time
 4 Squat Cleans
 3 Push jerks
 2 Rope Climbs

 Rx: 185/135
 Fit: 135/95
 Dyn: Medball Cleans + barbell push jerk