Kacey Millard

Saturday, August 19th 2017


Partner WOD

For time:
100 ft (total) Wheel barrel partner walk
50 Calorie row
50 Handstand Push Ups
50 Deadlifts (255/175)
25 Calorie row
25 Handstand Push Ups
25 Deadlifts (255/175)
100 ft (total) Wheel barrel partner walk

Friday, August 18th 2017

Erin S.

Strict Pull-Up Skill work

EMOM 10:
Evens: 45 second Double KB farmers carry hols (HEAVY)
Odds: 5 bent over rows, 2 second pause at the top and bottom (light)

For time:

50 Slam Balls (25/15)
30 Toes to bar
50 Sit Ups
30 Toes to bar

Saturday, August 12th 2017

Shannon & James & Bridgette

Partner WOD

Courtesy of Crossfit Linchpin

80 Thrusters (115/75)
80 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
80 Power Cleans
80 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
80 Calorie Row

One partner working at a time to complete reps

Friday, August 11th 2017


10-15 Minutes of Mobility work

For time:

3x 1,000m row

Work while your partner rests. A new 1k will start every 5 minutes. Goal is to make each 1k 3-4 seconds faster than the prior set.