BTB 2017 “Friday Night Lights”



We’re well into the new year, so that means you’ve hit your stride on your nutrition plan, your macros are dialed in, and it’s time for the CrossFit Open.  This year, we’re doing Friday Night Lights (FNL) Super Team style because everything‘s better when you’ve got your squad cheering you on.

Each Friday after the Open WOD announcement, one of our two gyms will host BTB’s FNL event. We’ll set up the heats, you bring the intensity, and we’ll all knock out the Open WODs as one firebreathing BTB family.  There are two aspects to this year’s FNL events: the open workouts and our team competition.

Wait… I’m new to the gym and I have no idea what the “CrossFit Open” is.  No worries! Check out this year’s “How to Compete in the Open” video for a brief introduction.

Here’s how it all works…


We’re doing things a little different this year, so first things first: let us know you want to participate in Friday Night Lights by filling out our registration form.

You’ll have two options for signing up.  Option 1: Pay the $20 official CrossFit Open registration fee through the (separate) Open registration process – see below.  Option 2: Forego having your scores tracked on the official CrossFit leaderboard and donate $20 through BTB to our charity
Camp Southern Ground.  If you choose Option 2, you can pay Nick via Paypal ( or Venmo (@btb-fitness).  On the form, indicate which of the four teams you want to be on from those listed and let us know your t-shirt size/gender.  Then you’re all set!

Athletes who complete and submit scores for all 5 workouts will receive the official BTB 2017 CrossFit Open t-shirt for free.

Register at

The Open

For those of you that want to officially register for the Open, here’s how you do it.  Go to and sign in.  You may need to create a user account if you don’t already have one.  Registration is $20, and you can use the info below to sign up under the BTB Affiliate.

Affiliate: BTB Crossfit
Team: BTB Fitness
NB: DO NOT register under BTB CrossFit Buckhead!

Now that you’ve signed up, you’ll need to enter your scores for each of the weekly workouts by Monday following their announcement.  Entering scores for all five workouts will get you our BTB Crossfit Open t-shirt for free!

BTB Team Page:

Team Competition

Next is where all the magic happens.  All BTB members who register for Friday Night Lights will participate on teams as a part of our team competition.  The team captains have been chosen, but you need to select your team.  There are no restrictions on who can join what team. These teams will participate throughout the Open to earn points towards their team score (see below for details). Teams can be composed of any combination of gender and division and are loosely organized as the following:

Ponce AM
Ponce PM
Buckhead AM
Buckhead PM

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact James Black – Director of BTB FNL at

We can’t wait to see everybody out on Fridays for this years CrossFir Open.