Buckhead – November Member of the Month – Chris Gebhardt

Congratulations Chris!

Chris has been a member for little over 2 years. Your hard work and determination you put into every workout hasn’t gone unnoticed. He gives it his all every day, is very coachable, and pushes/motivates others in classes during the workout. Awesome job Chris!  Keep up the Great Work!

1. Age?
2. What do you do for a living?
server; temporary living
3. How long have you been a member at BTB?
2 years
4. Did you workout prior to joining BTB? If so, Where?
Yes! running and basic gym work outs
5. What made you try CrossFit- got bored and was not seeing results?
One of my friends recommended I give it a try and I was instantly hooked
6. What is your biggest CrossFit accomplishment?
Completing the 2015 open Rx
7. What is your biggest accomplishment outside of the box that you feel CrossFit inspired or helped with? Manage stress and constantly push myself harder
8. Do you get more excited over a Weightlifting PR or getting a better score on a WOD you’ve done multiple times?
Used to be better scores, now weightlifting PRs.
9. What is your favorite lift?
Clean and Jerk
10. What’s one movement you have to scale that you would like to RX?
Muscle Ups
11. What is your favorite WOD?
Filthy Fifty
12. What is your least favorite WOD?
13. Did you ever think the a sport of fitness (CrossFit) would be for you?
No. had never done olympic weightlifting until CrossFit and wasnt sure I could
14. If you can convince one person in your life to do CrossFit with you, who would it be?
My brother. He always talks about wanting to try it and I want him to pull the trigger and give it a try
15. What is your all time favorite food?
Chips and guacamole. I can’t buy either of them because I can finish off a bag in one sitting
16. What is something that nobody knows about you, and you would not mind sharing?
My 21st birthday ended with me skinny dipping in the Mediterranean ocean
17. What is your most memorable moment at BTB?
Working out at the friday night lights event while competing against other gym members. I had never competed in any way before.
18. Why BTB Fitness?
The coaches and members are always pushing me to try more weight and strive for more. I’ve never enjoyed working out so much until I started at BTB. I feel guilty if I miss a class (the coaches never hesitate to call me out either) BTB has helped me realize I can push myself that much further or try just a bit more weight