Poncey – October Member of the Month – Valerie Nowell

Congratulations Val!!

Val has been a member at the Ponce gym for a little over 3 years. Her determination and willingness to always do better in the gym hasn’t gone unnoticed. Val shows up each day with a positive attitude, works extremely hard, and always works to improve on her weaknesses.
Be sure to congratulate Val this week if you see her. Congrats Val and Keep up the Great work! 

1. Age?
2. What do you do for a living?
Enforce the Clean Air Act, I’m an attorney for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
3. How long have you been a member at BTB?
3 years, 3 months
4. Did you workout prior to joining BTB? If so, Where?
I was a competitive athlete for many years as a gymnast and a mountain bike racer. But I lost most of my fitness after starting my career and having a child. When I joined BTB, I could barely hang from the bar for even a few seconds.
5. What made you try CrossFit?
It looked SO fun! I was reluctant to try it because I felt so out of shape, but Sydnee Adams, (who was already a member), brought me to a free Saturday workout and I was hooked. I joined that day.
6. What is your biggest CrossFit accomplishment?
Strict pull ups I guess. Like I said, I could barely hang from the bar, and now I can do consecutive strict pull ups. What I’m happiest about though, is that I keep getting stronger and faster (in the past month, I hit prs for snatch, overhead squat, deadlifts and Annie, yay!!!)
7. What is your biggest accomplishment outside of the box that you feel CrossFit inspired or helped with?
I’m a happier person because I feel strong and fit
8. Do you get more excited over a Weightlifting PR or getting a better score on a WOD you’ve done multiple times?
Weightlifting PR because its really obvious that you’ve improved. You couldn’t do it before and now you can.
9. What is your favorite lift?
10. What’s one movement you have to scale that you would like to RX?
Muscle ups, then I’ll be a BAM(no F, trying to clean up my language)
11. What is your favorite WOD?
Filthy fifty – or a chipper with an Olympic lift
12. What is your least favorite WOD?
I don’t have a least favorite WOD. Any WOD is better than sitting on the couch.
13. Did you ever think the a sport of fitness (CrossFit) would be for you?
As soon as I tried it, I loved it. CrossFit requires balance, coordination, strength, and endurance, and I like challenging myself in those areas. CrossFit is always different. Its always a little scary and its as close as I’ll get to doing gymnastics again.
14. If you can convince one person in your life to do CrossFit with you, who would it be?
My sister Rachel, she had a baby 6 months ago
15. What is your all time favorite food?
hot, fresh kettlecorn
16. What is something that nobody knows about you, and you would not mind sharing?
I wish I could dance
17. What is your most memorable moment at BTB?
Getting through all 100 pull ups in Murph
18. Why BTB Fitness?
BTB is a collegial place with interesting people that you probably wouldn’t run into otherwise. The coaches are well-trained, provide great instruction and welcome everyone. What a find! A friendly place that helps build you into something tougher and stronger.


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